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Volvo Concept You


The new Volvo Concept You, debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show boasts an ‘intuitive’ car design inspired by Danish design legend Georg Jensen and door panels made of fine fabric designed Oscar Jacobson.

Peter Horbury, Volvo’s VP of Design claims: “The design of the wheels, the grille and details in the innovative headlamps have been inspired by the exquisite works of world-famous Danish design house Georg Jensen. Their precious items capture the essence of Scandinavian design. Uncluttered, organic surfaces and superb craftsmanship that radiate timeless luxury.

This eternal beauty of Georg Jensen design is what we are aiming for with the whole concept car. Just like the finest luxury goods, this design should feel handcrafted and durable enough to stand the test of time.”

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Luxury Bicycles in China?


The Telegraph reports that luxury bicycles are the must have in china. With the bike back in vogue after a few years of car fever, these high end models by Ferarri and other luxury car manufacturers are commonly seen on the streets.

It appears that gone are the recognisable visuals of old black bikes laden with people and goods…

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Mercedes Benz F125! Research Car – the future?


Exhibiting at the 2011 IAA is the new Mercedes F125! Research Car. A luxury and environmentally friendly vehicle created to explore the ┬ápossibilities for cars of the future. As a concept it has been built to include what Mercedes see as future trends in transportation, focussing not on the next generation of cars, but the generation beyond that. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering and design for sure.

What’s interesting though is that we are all focussed on no emissions, but what will society have evolved to in 2025? What will be the big questions then? I think the issues will be different and that unfortunately, we are actually building for the present, based on our limited view of the future – instead of building for what the future will really hold.

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